I’m a Product Lead and Manager with a strong foundation in data and analytics marketing, product experience & customer experience. I’m on a relentless quest to infuse well-researched insights into every digital experience. Let’s create the future of user-centric design!

As Lead Product Designer at Liberty Mutual Insurance, I oversee the Global Data and Advanced Analytics Portfolio, crafting and delivering a wide array of data products. Managing a dedicated design team, I drive continuous enhancement across over 150 data products, utilizing internal models and automation tools to elevate the end-user experience globally. Thriving in dynamic settings, I excel in product design within risk assessment, underwriting, and advanced analytics, leveraging my robust UX foundation and analytical skills to achieve impactful outcomes.

Prior to my role at Liberty, I served as a UX Strategist at Greenphire, where I spearheaded the integration of multiple data systems into a unified user data warehouse and led an initiative to enhance user journeys through automated feedback mechanisms and strategic data visualizations. This initiative contributed to a significant improvement in user experience and a notable increase in NPS score. My experience in developing and implementing innovative software solutions for clinical trial operations honed my problem-solving abilities and strengthened my collaboration skills with diverse stakeholders.

With a background in International Business and Marketing from Saint Joseph’s University, complemented by over 12 years of professional experience across enterprise, SAAS, agency, finance, tech, and startup environments, I bring a versatile skill set as a full-stack UX Lead and Product Manager. Proficient in advanced research, data warehousing, visualization, high-fidelity prototyping, and product lifecycle management, I am passionate about analyzing and automating user journeys to enhance overall experience.

Beyond my professional pursuits, I am an avid traveler who draws inspiration from diverse cultures, which I incorporate into my visual design language. As a tech enthusiast, I actively participate in beta testing for leading tech companies like Apple and Google, providing valuable feedback to improve usability. Outside of work, I enjoy indulging in my passions for food, travel, and gardening, finding balance and inspiration away from the screen.


My Methodology:

My UX strategy follows a systematic double-diamond approach to user experience design, encompassing the key stages of discovering, defining, designing, and delivering digital products. Each vertical represents a milestone in the project. While the process can be followed linearly, it’s important to note that any of the phases can be used depending on stakeholder needs.

Expolore the methodology in use:

Click below to see various uses of this methodology in my most recent work.


Recent Work

Take a look at my most recent work, projects & initiatives.

Helium 10 Dashboard

Helium 10 needed a solution designed for their enterprise users.  I created and pitched a brand new experience for the software suite that started with a new dashboard whilst integrating AI, Machine Learning and a brand new builder experience.

Marketing Dashboard

I went back to Potratz Partners Advertising to completely overhaul their marketing reporting. They did not have a product that could synthesize all of their marketing data and needed one built from the ground up.

Vanguard Retail UX

Vanguard needed a solution to job autonomy within their phone group. I led a small team in a specialized Vanguard pilot that enables full autonomy in the role using a custom interactive dashboard and provides real-time data for decision making.

Onatah Outfitters

My role as marketing lead and partner was integral to Onatah Outfitter’s business as I designed the logo, website, look, and feel of the brand while managing day-to-day online marketing strategies.

Visual Portfolio

View some of my visual projects in marketing and during my project and agency careers. 

Potratz Rebranding

I spearheaded and led Potratz Advertising’s brand overhaul in 2017 that took into account the end-user and opportunities for new product offerings.