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Recent Work

Take a look at my most recent work, projects & initiatives.

Helium 10 Dashboard

Helium 10 needed a solution designed for their enterprise users.  I created and pitched a brand new experience for the software suite that started with a new dashboard whilst integrating AI, Machine Learning and a brand new builder experience.

Marketing Dashboard

I went back to Potratz Partners Advertising to completely overhaul their marketing reporting. They did not have a product that could synthesize all of their marketing data and needed one built from the ground up.

Vanguard Retail UX

Vanguard needed a solution to job autonomy within their phone group. I led a small team in a specialized Vanguard pilot that enables full autonomy in the role using a custom interactive dashboard and provides real-time data for decision making.

Onatah Outfitters

My role as marketing lead and partner was integral to Onatah Outfitter’s business as I designed the logo, website, look, and feel of the brand while managing day-to-day online marketing strategies.

Visual Portfolio

View some of my visual projects in marketing and during my project and agency careers. 

Potratz Rebranding

I spearheaded and led Potratz Advertising’s brand overhaul in 2017 that took into account the end-user and opportunities for new product offerings.

About Me

View my resume and experience. Read up about me and how I got into the business.