What do you need help with?

From coming up with a brand concept, to designing a digital project that is researched-backed and designed around human interaction, I am here to help!




WordPress Customization

Finding that perfect balance between design and utility can be hard. Together we will pick out the best theme to suit your needs – from there we can add any feature to make it perfect.

Website Development

Sometimes that perfect site goes beyond the theme. I can develop your site from scratch and work in your needed functionality. 

E-Commerce Integrations

Let’s make your online store look completely custom to you. I work with all main e-commerce integrations such as Square, PayPal, Woo Commerce, Shopify, GrubHub

Custom Landing Pages

It’s necessary to make sure we’re always talking the right way to the right client.  Custom landing pages can clarify that conversation without the need for a separate website.

Cloud Hosting & Backups

All of my websites are hosted in the cloud and backed up regularly.  You will be able to access your content anywhere and securely. 

Google Analytics Reporting

So you have the perfect website, but what about all that data?  I will take Google Analytics Data and work with you on putting it all together. 



Marketing Consulting

Sometimes it helps to bounce ideas when thinking of the next big move.  I’d love to start a conversation and throw ideas for your next project. Let’s think outside the box together!

Experience Design

Every single marketing move needs to have experience design in mind.  What experience are you creating for your customers? Where does that Journey start? I can help you find out.

Customer Journey Mapping

The customer journey used to start when they entered your store for the first time – now that path is so much more complicated.  Let’s map out your customer’s journey and find the best ways to make our story clear for them.

Market Research & Discovery

Sometimes the person you want to buy your product isn’t who you think they are.  I can help research any idea, synthesize the data and give pointers for any new idea.

Digital Insights & Analytics

Big data is huge in decision making; knowing how to analyze it properly can save you a ton.  I can analyze your big data and boil it down to help you make marketing decisions.


Branding is more than a beautiful design and flashy graphics.  A good brand uses data to inform us of what the customer wants.  We always want to be one step ahead of the customer.



Logo Design

You give me the vision and I’ll bring it to life.  Your custom logo will be designed to evoke emotion and tell your story.

Menu / Packaging Design

This is what your customers are going to look for first.  I’ll help you make an easy-to-understand menu or package design with subtle nudges included throughout.

Brand Redesign

Every brand needs a refresh here or there.  I’ll work with you to bring your current creative to the next level.

Brand Style Guide

Having a guide of brand standards will help you keep the brand alive and cohesive.  It is necessary when working with 3rd parties.  

UX / UI Design

Any online experience begins with interface design. We have to put ourselves in your customer’s shoes.  We can make sure your project has an easy-to-use interface and is designed exactly for who you’re targeting.

Presentation Design

Getting ready for that next pitch or sales presentation?  The visuals are just as important as the content to be convincing and evoke emotion.  Let’s polish this together.


Marketing Dashboard

I went back to Potratz Partners Advertising to completely overhaul their marketing reporting. They did not have a product that could synthesize all of their marketing data and needed one built from the ground up.

Vanguard Pilot

Vanguard needed a solution to job autonomy within their phone group. I led a small team in a specialized Vanguard pilot that enables full autonomy in the role using a custom interactive dashboard and provides real-time data for decision making.

Onatah Outfitters

My role as marketing lead and partner was integral to Onatah Outfitter’s business as I designed the logo, website, look, and feel of the brand while managing day-to-day online marketing strategies.